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Real Sound - Kaze No Riglet

title:Real Sound - Kaze No Riglet
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genre:Adventure Games
platform:Dreamcast, Sega Saturn
features:sound, visuals
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Back in 1999 a Japanese company called Warp released what could be considered to be the very first big commercial audio game. The game's title was Real Sound: Kaze no Riglet  (sometimes also Kaze no Regret) which translates into "Regrets in the Wind" or "The Riglet of the Wind". The game, that consists of 4 cd's (!), was only released in Japan for the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast.
The man behind Real Sound: Kaze No Riglet is Kenji Eno, Warp's president. He was inspired to work with sound after receiving letters from some fans in Japan who were blind. Kenji Eno is acknowledged as being one hell of a game designer for being very unconventional, although most western gamers probably haven't played too many of his games. The game is produced by Iino Ken Osamu and features a luxurious cast of Miho's Sugaya.

Since we haven't got a copy ourselves we can't tell you much about the actual gameplay. What we know is that the game is basically an interactive audio adventure game which revolves around a Tokyo Love Story. After finishing the story there isn't much replayability except to run the story again. The game originally didn't feature ANY graphics on the Sega Saturn. When it was released on the Dreamcast it featured two play modes, visual and classic. The visual mode contains a series of still photographs that will be shown at certain portions of the game. The classic mode gives one a blank screen as with the Saturn version.

Warp has also released several big hit titles like Enemy Zero and D2 (both visually very rich games). Some parts of Real Sound: Kaze no Regret made their way into these two games. In D2 there are long scenes in the game where there's only a black screen along with a lone voice, and the player has to continue the game in that mode. Late in the game your character is rendered deaf and then blinded by a boss- but the game still continues and the player experiences the same visual and auditory limitations the character experiences.

The game is quite attractive for collectors due to its extreme curiosity and the fact that it includes some very stranges attributes like braille-cards, a bag with seeds (to plant!) and an extra transparant box with cloud motive. You might be able to still buy copies on online auction websites like eBay.

You can read more about Real Sound: Kaze No Riglet through this link.

Contents of Sega Saturn Box, showing 4 cd's, a 4- cd tray, a booklet and a bag with seeds.

Sega Saturn Box cover of Real Sound- Kaze No Regret

Dreamcast box cover of Real Sound - Kaze No Regret

Back of the cdtray cover, showing a lot of japanese characters!

A picture of the braille card that was added to the game.

A close-up of the blue paper bag with a transparent foil frame through which seeds can be seen. This bag was added to the game.


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