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Swarm simulator

title:Swarm simulator
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
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Welcome to swarm simulator, an incremental game in which your put in charge of an ever growing swarm of creepy crawlies and have to nurse them through their expansion.

The game is surprisingly simple yet oddly addictive. Begin by producing drones which collect meat and upgrading your hatchery to produce more larvae per second. As time progresses you'll soon need more territory to expand the hive and build more hatcheries, which will take a varied selection of insect warriors ranging from swarmlings, to stingers, wasps, roaches and more to acquire.

Have enough time pass, and your hive will start acquiring crystals and gaining energy, energy which will let you cast spells (since everyone knew insects were magic right?), and then eventually will begin gaining mutagen which can be used travel on other planets and infest new worlds, acquiring hefty along the way.

The game is entirely text based, and the developer made several changes for the benefit of screen readers. Use the tabs for meat, larvi and territory (later joined by tabs for energy and mutagen), at the top of the page to flip between the different categories of units, these are unfortunately tabs rather than links but are still easy to find. Each unit be it larvae, drones or queens is a link which opens in a small separate box with ongoing progress bars, and buttons can be used to buy upgrades. Best of all, the information about costs in resources or smaller unit types is all accessible with the buttons, though make sure to read the text around them so that you don't accidentally spend something you don't want to.

Alerts, such as the game's tutorial will appear above the main tabs list with a close button (make sure to read it), and will happily wait until its closed so no need to scramble to read it before it disappears, similarly, when you have a new upgrade the main tab will have the word "upgrade" beside it, as will the unit to be upgraded.

Another extremely nice point about the game's accessibility are achievements which can be found either under the "more" tab along with some handy options or in the larvae tab. check boxes can be used to select which achievements to view, so that its easy to see what you've earned and what you need to work towards at a stroke.

The game is entirely %100 free to play, and even has a login system to save your progress, however if you wish once your swarm is powerful enough to store energy, you could buy some additional crystals to help your spell casting through paypal.

Any questions can be asked [here on the swarm sim subreddit which also contains a handy faq about the game and its concepts (though bare in mind the faq does contain a few spoilers).

Though by no means a fast game, Swarm simulator is perfect if your looking for a game which needs you to check in every few hours and make a few changes, and if your impressed by getting several billion, trillion, quadrillion or even as many as a nonillion insects you should enjoy this game.

Happy swarming.


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