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Rs games client

title:Rs games client
download page:link
developer:RS Games
platform:Windows, Mac, Lynux, Web brouser, Ios
release:2010, ongoing
features:text, sound
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The rs games client is a great way to play a hole bunch of board or card games against other people across the internet, or against bots if everybody else is busy.

Expanding on the initial release of Rs Monopoly, the client allows users to play thus far 16 different games, with possibly more coming in the future, and sinse it can be run on Windows, Mac, Lynux, or even on Ios thanks to Marty Schultz of Blindfold games (Just search the ap store for Blindfold Rs GAMES), is compatible with Jaws, Window eyes, Dolphin Supernova, Ms Sapi, ns speech on the mac and Voiceover on Ios, it should be accessible to a wide range of people allowing for a massive multiplayer experience.

There is even a totally brouser based version as well, which, (though it lacks the interesting sounds and convenience of the main client), makes it extra easy to play right from your brouser, ---- pluss of course it is playable on anything which can display web pages.

To play, simply create an account from the first rs games client menue, (if using the official client sounds and such will automatically download along with bug fixes), log in and get started with your game of choice, and choice is what the client has a lot of.

The client has an in built chat system which you can use to talk to other players, and as of the most recent version now has a voice chat system as well for those who own a microphone.

The games are a selection of traditional card, board and dice type games requiring both skill and luck.

  • Monopoly: The traditional and well known parker brothers board game of chance and economics. Sell properties, buy houses and hotels, trade and deal in an effort to put other players out of business. You can play with either bots or humans online, and there are a hole bunch of pieces available all with unique moving sounds and several board configurations and currency types too. All the usual stratogies are supported here, trading, buying and selling and morgaging to the bank, pluss you can use the intigrated chat system to discuss business deals with other players.

  • Uno: another very well known card game, also playable with bots or humans. Played with a special pack of coloured and numbered cards, the object is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by playing a card of the same number or colour as the person before you. If you can't go, pick up a card, but be careful of some of the special cards like skip and draw two which can do nasty things to the next player. Also don't forget to say Uno when you've got just one card left.

  • Yahtzee: The popular dice poker game. Roll the dice and attempt to get the top score in three rolls of five dice, but be careful sinse each turn you'll need to fill a score in to one of the thirteen scoring catagories, each can only be filled in once, and if you can't make one you might need to put a zero. the player with the most points wins, and should there not be enough humans about to play with you can always play against bots. Also features lots of sounds to keep things interesting.

  • Blackjack: One of the most famous casino games and one of the easiest to pick up and play. Try and get as close to 21 as possible without busting in order to beat the dealer. the rs games version has all the Casino rules, chips for betting, insurance, doubling down when you want to buy another card, splitting a hand of two identical cards etc. you can create your own table, create a private password protected table for you and your friends, or join an existing one, and should you want some extra bots (though in blackjack other players are a bit superfluous), you can do that too. When you begin playing Rs blackjack, you'll be given 5000 chips to bet with, chips that will also be used for playing Shut the box. Should you run short, you can always get more chips with the reset chips option, however note that this is possible only 3 times a day.

  • One thousand miles: A cardgame baring a slight resemblance to Uno, but themed around motor racing. Each round, players try to drive 1000 miles by playing various distance cards with miles traveled on them. Opponents can however inflict various penalties on each other, such as a flat tire, running out of gas or a speed limit, which either stop distance cards being played or stop the player entirely. these can however be dealt with both by streight out stop cards for each penalty such as spare tire to stop the flat tire condition, and with safety cards that not only make the one who plays them imune from such penalties for the hole round, but also gains them 300 extra points. This makes for a rather more strategic and slightly vindictive game.

  • Battleships: The classic grid based stratogy game invented by prisoners in the 2nd world war. Played on a grid, you have several ships ranging from the very long aircraft carrier covering five squares, to the tiny pt bote only two squares long. By guessing successive squares to shoot, the object is to reveal, and sink the opponent's entire fleet before he/she sinks all of yours.

  • Apples to apples: A fun party game for those who love crazy words. Each player is given several cards with nowns on. Each round one player (the judge), picks a card with an adjective, and each of the other players selects one of their nown cards. The Judge decides what combination of words he/she thinks most amusing, and the player who picked that nown gains a point, with the winner being the first to twelve. A couple of rule variations exist, such as one in which players pick nowns randomly before knowing what the adjective is, thus creating even more insanity. So, if you've ever wanted to run across a scenic kitchin sink or an angry apple this is the place to do it. No bots in this game, but sinse it's based on humerous judgement that's not too surprising.
  • Shut the box: This is a dice game featuring both skill and luck. Each player at the start of the turn decides how many chips he/she wants to put into the pot, and the winner of that round takes the pot, (the game uses the same chips as blackjack). Each turn, a player rolls two dice to gain a total, then must choose which of 9 tyles to knock down, however a player can onlyknock down tyles that make up the total of his/her dice roll, thus if a player rolled a total of 4, he/she could only knock down tyles 4, 1 and 3. the player then rolls again, but with those tyles down until he/she can make no more totals, after which the tyles are restored and play goes to the next player. the one with the highest total, or the one who totals up all tyles, (ie, shuts the box), wins the round and takes the pot.

  • Farkle: another dice game in some ways similar to yahtzee, and in others resembling the game known as Pig or Scunk. After rolling to see who goes first, each player must roll their six dice and achieve a score. scores are gained in a similar manner to Yahtzee with combinations such as 3 1's, or full house, however unlike yahtzee there is no scoring card. once however a player scores, he/she must keep those dice that scored, and then either choose to roll the others in attempt to score more, or bank his/her score, however if a player arrives at a combination of dice which won't score anything, he/she has said to have farkled, and loses any unbanked score. The object is to bank scores up to ten thousand over successive turns, so the risk of farkling is a considderable one.
  • Rummy: this is a cardgame somewhat resembling Uno, but with slightly more complex rules played with a standard 52 card pack. As in Uno, each turn players must discard a card, but must also pick one up. The object of the game is to form melds, that is groups of either runs, consecutive cards of the same suit such as 4, 5, 6, 7 of clubs, or groups, that is groups of 3 or more cards of the same type such as 3 kings. When a player manages to meld all of his/her cards, he/she recieves the point values of any unmelded cards in the hands of other players, with the object of the game being to reach a predetermined point total.

  • Pig: This is one of the simplist of all dice games to learn and play. Each turn, a player rolls a single dice, rolling any number other than one, the player earns that number of points, however if he/she rolls a 1, the player loses all of the points they have scored that turn. At any time before rolling a 1, a player can choose to end his/her turn and bank score, meaning it won't be lost even if rolling a 1 on the next turn. The first player to score over a predetermined total (usually 100), wins.

  • Dradel: A traditional Jewish gambling game which has also existed for thousands of years. Players take turns spinning the dradel, (A small spinning top that acts as a four sided dice), and depending on what it lands on get to either take the entire pot, or must deposite numbers of chips. The one left holding the entire pot at the end when everyone's chips are exhausted wins.

  • Bingo: Another very well known and classic game. Each player gets a 5 by 5 card, with the columns labled b i n g o and a random selection of numbers in the lines. Numbers are then called such as B5, G64 or O17, and when a player's number is called they can put a chip on that square. Depending upon the rules chosen, players win by filling in diagonals, lines, or even the full card.

  • Zombie dice: This time not a traditional game but certainly one that will challenge your braaains! The object is similar to Pig, pick out dice from a cup and then reroll in order to get to 13 brains. Dice however may contain brains, runners and shotguns. if you roll a runner you can reroll that dice rather than picking another random dice from the cup, while if you roll three shotguns in your turn you lose all of your banked brains. What complicates matters even more is that all dice are not equal, some contain more brains or shotguns, meaning you need to think carefully about what to keep and when to bank your brains.

  • I doubt it: a unique cardgame somewhat resembling Uno, but with an element of lying. Try to disgard all your cards by each round playing at least one card that matches first ace, then 2, then 3 etc. However, all cards are played face down and so you don't have to match the round card. If however another player suspects you of cheating they can call your bluff, and if you were found to be lying you'll take the hole disgard pile, while if the player who called you was lying, she/he gets lumbered with all the extra cards.

  • Cards against humanity: A very recent cardgame somewhat resembling Apples to apples, but with a rather different twist. Each player is dealt 7 cards with an answer on them, and the judge (a different one each round), flips over a question card. Players submit their most amusing or creative answer, and the judge picks the best, giving the person who dealt that card one point. First to twelve wins. One unique thing about the game is many of the answers are from pop culture, including Darth Vader, Captain Picard, or Mr. T. My brother once won a round with the sentence "children should be protected from Michael Jackson" Also note that Cards against humanity for obvious reasons cannot be played against bots.

  • Tossup: another dice game with the theme of banking enough score. Each turn the player rolls 10 dice, with each dice has three green sides, two yellow sides and one red side. The object is to roll green dice. any dice that come up yellow can be rerolled, however just one red and you lose all your score for the current turn. When you decide to stop rolling, your points are banked, and the first to 100 (or whatever point limit the game master sets), is the winner.

All of these games are quite playable with any version of the client (including the brouser version), and best of all, all are totally free as well, though you can donate on the Rs games main page and donations are well recieved.

additional resources

The above link will download the windows version, but Mac version may be found here and The lynux version may be downloaded here

Should you want to learn more about the web brouser client you can Use this link

Finally, you can Read the instructions for the client here Including all keyboard shortcuts, some compatibility tips for Mac and lynux, and full and detailed instructions on playing all the games. Any additional questions however may be asked on our forum where the Rs games crew are regulars, or asked via their E-mail address on the main page.

Additionally, you can check out Jeff Rutkowski's guide Which details even more information about this popular game client.

If your interested in the Ios version of the client, as always there is This page on The Applevis site And for more about Marty Schultz and the great collection of Blindfold games for Ios you can Check out The Blindfold games website here

With a friendly atmosphere, great sound effects and frequent updates, the Rs games client is well worth looking at for some free, multiplayer gaming fun.


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