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Night of Parasite

title:Night of Parasite
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Francis Wolf
features:text, sound
last edit by:CX2


Night of parasite is a truly deep and multifacited scifi adventure game. In a future where dangerous genetic parasites have taken over most of the world's human and animal population, it's up to you, ---- as head of the human resistance, to try and put a stop to their evil plans. this involves a number of dangerous missions to gain information, and take out some of the deadliest parasite controlled creatures on the planet.

though the odds are certainly stacked against you, a wide variety of weapons, including both melee weapons like swords and daggers, ---- not to mention various types of guns will even things up. In true rpg style, you also may promote (level up), if you gain enough experience from distroyed creatures, equip armour, use healing or amo items, and even upgrade your weapons with assemblers.

but it's not all just hack and slash combat. You'll need to explore many hazardous areas, avoiding traps and searching for tools such as keys and cards to progress in your missions.

in the game, the arrow keys represent the four cumpus directions. press an arrow key on it's own to walk in the corresponding direction, press with shift to jump, (handy for getting over traps), or press with control to look, which will tell you about objects, enemies or traps in the various direction. it's worth remembering though, that enemies often patrol the area, --- so might be out of view.

enter will pick up items, control and enter will take you through doors, and shift and enter wil give you a quick run down of what sorts of objects are in the current area, ---- note though, it doesn't identify any lirking parasites so be careful! If you get too lost Z will tell you your coordinates.

Having rpg like features, you naturally pick up a fair few items. You have several inventory types, supplies (medication and amo), weapons and tools (keys, door cards etc). use s and W to scan through your various inventories, and D and E to scan through the items. q will examine the selected item, C will use selected, supply, x selected tool, and space selected weapon, just remember to hold your amo until you here the appropriate allarm sounds indicating the position of an enemy (check the "test of sounds" item in the help menue for details), and always remember to make frequent use of the A key to keep track of your health and experience.

the game contains sounds and some incredibly atmospheric music, but all status information is provided in standard windows dialogue boxes which should be read automatically when they pop up by most screen readers (hal and jaws both tested). all game menue functions such as saving and loading, reading the help files and listening to game sounds are also handled by default windows menues. Also, though the game has been completely translated into English, the installer is stil in the original chinese. this however is certainly not a problem, sinse you can either keep hitting alt+N or tabbing to buttons with the greater than sign. if you don't want to install the game in it's default directory in program files, ---- simply write the name of the desired directory in the box.

With combat which is both strategical and action based, many rpg features such as stats, armour and experience, an in depth story and missions, large areas to explore and puzles to solve,not to mention some great music and sounds, this game is deffinately highly worth checking out!

It is known that this game comes up as a "false positive" in some antivirus programs. Don't be alarmed, despite the warnings there is no virus. This has been confirmed with multiple other antivirus products including Eset NOD32.

The game is no longer available and Francis Wolf's status is unknown, however hosting is provided curtacy of the audiogames archive site.


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