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genre:Social game hub
platform:Ios, android?
release:January 2018, ongoing
features:text, sound, visuals
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Appa11y is a group of developers based in California in America who's mission statement is bringing universally accessible games to the masses, games which not only allow blind and sighted people to play and socialise together, but also to compete on an entirely level playing field. As such their Huboodle client not only contains eight addictive trivia, word and casino style games (several of which are directly playable against others in multiplayer battles), but also a plethora of social functions including an integrated chat system, management of friends lists, daily and global ranking boards and even the ability to congratulate other players on their progress in single or multiplayer games.

A large amount of effort has gone into making the interface and gameplay as accessible as possible, so a help button can always be found on the top left which explains the rules for the currently selected game or for Huboodle in general, while a number of tabs across the bottom can be used to navigate between different sections of the ap such as the Home, social, games and statistics tabs, and in the majority of the games flicking left and right is all that is needed along with Huboodle's own output to Voiceover (though bare in mind Vertical navigation in voiceover will be necessary to play either of the word search games). .

As well as being entirely accessible Huboodle is also %100 free to download and play. It does feature gold as a premium currency which is used both as betting chips in some of the casino games and buy power ups in some of the word or trivia games. Gold can be bought in the Huboodle store via an in ap purchase or rewarded for watching add videos, though it's most fun to earn it via playing the games and being victorious (or lucky).

Huboodle's current selection of games includes:

  • Word war: Huboodle's first game, the classic word search with a modern twist. Hunt out words on an 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12 grid of letters in a given category, earn medals as achievements and rise in rank in the word war army. Play single player across a variety of different categories, or challenge others to multiplayer battles, employing smoke bombs to obscure your opponents' grid of letters temporarily, or bombs to blow away unneeded letters to let you find the words more easily. Note that since this is the classic word search, you will need dvertical navigation in Voiceover (so that you can flick up and down to find letters above or below your current position as well as beside it.

    Especially notable in word war is the way that the Appa11y team have given certain advantages to those using screen readers to equalise the difficulty of multiplayer games, for instance allowing vo players to set a smaller grid size, and have the timer stopped when they find a word.

  • Battle cats: Sadly nothing to do with HeMan's companion, essentially a mod of word war (also available for android), designed with cat eye lasers instead of letter bombs, and litter bombs instead of smoke, plus an all feline ranking system going right up to Mr. Whiskers. Both games are also entirely free, though note some categories are locked and can be unlocked temporarily by watching a short add video, or unlocked permanently by purchasing in the Huboodle store for £3 or $5.

  • Word builder (also available for Android under the name Word rescue): A single player word game, though one with a very unique achievement system. Each level see how many words you can make out of the given group of letters anagram style. this not only builds your vocabulary, but also builds up the word builder house, starting with a little repainting, then moving on to more and more complex home repairs (and much larger anagrams. Earn gold for completing levels, and especially for finding extra words, can you make it as far as industrial engineer?

  • Trivia trail:Another single player game intended to challenge your brain. Complete each level by answering ten multiple choice general trivia questions in fifty seconds. The only catch is one wrong answer and you have to start again at the first question while the clock keeps ticking. Use that gold to buy power ups such as bombs (yes even more bombs), which remove two possible alternative answers, or shields which prevent you from going back to the start if you mess up. Also contains the wheel of fortune where you can risk your hard earned gold on a spin of the wheel in hopes of striking it lucky.

  • Pirate poker: A particularly nautical themed video poker machine. Bet your gold on getting the best poker hand from a five card draw, play and level up in order to risk more on the flip of each card.

  • Blackjack: Again, what casino, (or casino themed game), would be complete without it? The classic 21s card game, try to beat the dealer without going bust, and once again, hopefully raise your amount of chips.

  • Ludopolusa: The original dice game of Ludo (known as Parcheesi in America). Roll your dice to move your four pawns around the board to the home space, while risking being jumped on by an opponent's pawns and knocked back to the start. The Huboodle version contains several interesting rules including safe spaces where your pieces won't get knocked off if an opponent lands on them, and the choice to play a quick variant as opposed to the classic game where you just need to get one of your four pawns home to win, but must also knock off at least one of your opponent's pawns too.

  • Simon: almost a standard for any audiogame collection these days. Try to remember the tone sequence and input by swiping up down left or right. Choose to have the directions to swipe spoken as well as the tones or just play by sound, and choose to play either with electronic buzzers similar to the hand held game from the eighties, or animal noises.

  • Hangman: Another classic word game likely familiar to all audiogamers which no collection would be complete guess the letters to complete the word, but don't use too many tries or otherwise the man will swing and you'll lose. The Huboodle version features the usual 8 guesses, can be played in single player or two player versions.

    In the single player game, play ten rounds of a given category, earning points for guessing the word with fewer wrong answers. In the two player version, play five rounds against an online opponent, with the winner being the one to earn the highest score.

With a friendly atmosphere, an easy interface, entertaining sound effects and best of all frequent updates adding new puzzles and new games (and likely a complete Android version of Huboodle in the near future), this is definitely not one to be missed, especially for puzzle and trivia fans, and with many achievements to earn, ranks to progress in and puzzles to solve, even the less combative players will find this social environment worth visiting. .

As usual with Ios releases, you can read more about Huboodle Here on the Applevis site

Happy gaming.


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