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Crafting Kingdom

title:Crafting Kingdom
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
platform:Ios, Android
release:February 2017
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Crafting kingdom is an accessible economic stratogy game from new developer Metalpop. Where most games set in a medieval kingdom concentrate on war and violence, as you might guess by it's title Crafting kingdom takes a more peaceful approach since the object of the game is to create and produce resources which you can either sell, or combine to make further resources which you can then sell more prophetably, to earn money with which you can buy yet more properties and make more complex and more expensive resources and so the cycle continues until you own the hole Kingdom! If you think this sounds like an uninteresting or sopperific game, then feel free to give it a try, and wait to see just how much time you spend worrying about how many logs you'll need to produce enough timber for your projects, which product earns you more prophet over time and how often you run back to your phone to set anotherr production slot going as one finishes.

Extensive work has gone in to the game's interface to make it very compatible with voiceover and Talkback, despite the fact the game's basic engine uses Unity (a notoriously inaccessible game platform). Every screen in the game has a "help for this screen" button at the top which will give a guide on the screen's layout, plus when you begin the game, you will start a brief tutorial which will let you know how to get started.

Action in the game usually involves using the world map screen to visit various properties such as the lumberyard, farm or blacksmith, which you can then buy and upgrade to create various resources, or purchice more production slots to produce more resources at the same time. Also on the world map you will find the city where you can sell what you produce to earn gold coins, the princess who offers you daily gifts, the chance to upgrade your estate and your ability to store products, and the castle where you undertake quests.

One truly unique thing about crafting kingdom is it's quest system. In the castle you will find a number of goals to complete such as selling 1000 wood or purchising five automation slots. These quests will let you earn advantages such as more time for your automatedproductions or increased sale prices for your products, however you don't earn these rewards streight away. You will need to restart the game and effectively cash in your resources, money and purchiced upgrades in return to get your quest rewards, whereupon you'll be presented with even more quests to complete next time around. As the game continues and you complete more quests, the later quests get harder to fulful, meaning this is a game you'll be playing for quite some time.

The game is not only accessible with Talkback on Android or Voiceover on Ios, but on Ios you can even disable voiceover and have the system voice read you the on screen buttons if you wish (useful if you find voiceover slowing down a little on a screen with lots of information, although this is an issue which the developers are very much ironing out).

The game may be played in several languages other than English including German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Tai and Chinese, with likely other languages to be added soon. It is entirely free to download and play, however an option exists to gain powerful boosts such as earning extra goal or temporary increases in sale prices or decreases on the prices of upgrades for watching thirty second advertising videos (once the video finishes, just hit the button labeled "l" to return to the game).

With a huge series of quests to complete and tasks to do, and many products waiting for you to discover, make and prophet from, you'll be quite amazed just how addictive Crafting Kingdom is.

As is usual for an Ios title, you can check out This page on the Applevis site for more information about the game.

Happy crafting.


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