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Chopper challenge

title:Chopper challenge
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:X site interactive
platform:windows, packmate
last edit by:Dark


Chopper challenge is a free, fast action, rack up score style game in the best arcade tradition. After learning some sensative governmental secrets, you head off on the run. unfortunately, the government send their best and weerdest agent after you, ---- the synister Copter man, a half man, half machine cyboorg (obviously subtlety is not said government's strong point!).

copter man eventually catches up to you in a glass roofed museum where you some how come across a laser gun, ---- which hopefully will be a defence against copter Man's barrage of bombs!

As with many space invaders type games, use left and right to center Copter man, shoot him with the control key, and avoid his bombs. Various power up items such as some bombs of your own and point boosts may also be picked up.

One intreaguing point in the game is you must endure ten minutes against copter man, avoiding his bombs and listening to his evil taunts before he finally bights the bullit.

The game has several difficulty levels to play on, each making copter man a litle tougher so that he's faster and takes more hits before he's down, pluss there is even a hidden bonus level to track down where you fight copter man's evil robots for extra points.

The game is now abandonware, meaning the old scoreboards on x site interactive are no longer available, however the game is stil available to download thanks to forum member Ghorthalon the dragon's kind hosting.

Haqppy blasting!


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