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Bokurano Daiboukenn 3

title:Bokurano Daiboukenn 3
download page:link
genre:Japanese games
developer:nyanchan games
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The epic conclusion to the Bokurano Daiboukenn series. This time, your town, which by now has evolved into a large city and has set up a crystal mining operation, is invaded by powerful enemies who demand that you give up all your crystal to them. You set out on a journey to remove them from your town, and it turns into so much more.

This combines the best features of Bokurano Daiboukenn 1 and 2 into an action-packed side-scrolling RPG. It retains the same menu structure as Bokurano Daiboukenn 2 in that you select stages to play, but many other things have changed. First of all, platforming and climbing elements have been added. Whereas Bokurano Daiboukenn 2 was a simple flat plain, Bokurano Daiboukenn 3 has ladders, gaps you can jump over, and multi-level playing fields that are much larger than those found in the previous game.

The statistics system from the first game returns in a more advanced form. Each enemy you defeat gives you experience, and when you level up, you can distribute points among 5 statistics, HP, stamina, attack, defense and tech. You start out earning only 10 points, but as you go up in level, you eventually start earning more and more per level.

As in the previous game, there are many weapons to equip. The weapons are much more advanced this time, each having it's own attack modifiers, multipliers and special features. Your tech statistic determines which weapons you can equip. The bosses make a return to being more strategic. Often times a boss will have enemies that fight along side it, or be able to spawn enemies, but there's definitely more variety. The game is easily the most challenging in the series. Items are now split into categories. Normal items are things like recovery items and permanent statistic boosters. Strategy items are generally things that more directly affect the level, such as items that damage the enemy, temporary power, defense and speed boosters, etc. Damaging items can often be thrown at various angles, to take out airborn enemies. There are even stages where you will battle alongside an ally, and there are recovery items you can use on them as well.

As with the last game, when you start a new game, you have the option of reading a recap. So playing the previous game isn't necessary, but is highly recommended. This is another great addition to the series, and one every RPG fan will want to play.

Translation resources

Note that this game will need to be translated or you will need some working knowledge of japanese to play. Ian read has written the Jgt Nvda addon see the instructions here to make the process a little easier.

Further Instructions on what software is required to translate and play the game and how to use it can be found Here in Bladestorm and Fabig94's guide on Japanese audiogames

Thanks to Bladestorm360 for extra information on the game.

Additional resources

Forum member Garret has posted This list of hints in our articles room on the forum.


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